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  • The 2015 WSMA Annual Meeting

    The delegate handbook and online reference committees are now available to WSMA members.

    There's still time to register for the meeting and receive the special room rate at the Davenport Hotel. Visit the annual meeting Web page for more information.

  • WSMA's 2015 legislative session wrap-up

    It was worth the wait. Six months of session produce numerous wins for the WSMA.

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  • Countdown to ICD-10 begins. Are you ready?

    The AMA and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services are offering new flexibility for physicians in their preparations to meet the deadline.

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  • WSMA bringing advance care planning training to Pacific Northwest hospitals

    Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest, a joint initiative between Washington state’s medical and hospital associations, will provide advance care planning training to physicians and hospitals throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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  • WSMA brings Choosing Wisely into health systems

    The WSMA has partnered with two local health systems to reduce the overuse of antibiotics for acute bronchitis, imaging for uncomplicated headaches, and Pap tests for women between the ages of 30 and 65.

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